The research on adaptive process for emotion recognition by using time-dependent parameters of autonomic nerv


This study is to propose new method, called by TDP (time dependent parameter) analysis, of physiological signal processing for emotion recognition. TDP consisted of delay, activation, half recovery and full recovery. TDP was determined from running average and normalization of physiological signals for finding tonic and phasic response according to emotion at entire time range from stimulating emotion to recovery. As the results of this study, TDP analysis and adaptive TDP analysis enhanced accuracy of emotion recognition in the comparison with tonic analysis. Specially, TDP analysis enhanced the accuracy while adaptive TDP analysis reduced the individual difference of the accuracy.

Physiological signal, GSR, ECG, PPG, Skin temperature, emotion recognition, accuracy.


Kim, J., Whang, M., & Woo, J. (2009). The Research on Adaptive Process for Emotion Recognition by Using Time-Dependent Parameters of Autonomic Nervous Response. In Human-Computer Interaction (New Trends), 77-84.