Development of virtual avatar's gaze expression according to social emotion.


Gaze has been studied to be related to basic emotions or to facial expressions in virtual spaces. However, Social emotion has been required to be expressed for the quality of interaction. This study was to develop gaze expression of social emotion in virtual avatar. Twenty-six females and twenty-six males at aged average 23.65±1.87 year participated in this experiment, and their gaze were measured during social interaction tasks such as cooperation, focus, reciprocal, and engagement. The tasks were designed to evoke positive and negative quality in each social emotion. The participants were asked to watch the partner's face during task and their gazes to the partner’s face were analyzed at five Areas of Interest (AOI) which consists of the left and right eye, nose, mouth, and the rest of the face. The gaze has been calculated to obtain average time viewed in seconds, percentage, fixation, and revisits. The gaze according to social emotion resulted in 15 realistic expression factors (4 cooperation, 3 focus, 6 reciprocal, 2 engagement). A realistic expression system of virtual avatar reflecting gaze according to social emotion has been developed based on this expression factors. The proposed system provides basic data for creating a more realistic virtual avatar and a guide for virtual avatar services based on social emotion.


Social emotion; Gaze; Virtual avatar; Social Interaction


Si-Pyoung Kim, Myoung Ju Won, & Mincheol Whang. (2017). Development of virtual avatar's gaze expression according to social emotion. ICES(International Conference on Emotion and Sensibility) 2017 Conference.