Bio-signal based Emotion Visualization Map System using Smartphone


Recently location-based services industry has improved leading to rapid evolution of space-based sentiment visualization applications. While there is ongoing research on sentiment vocabulary based visualization of sentiments, there has been no research on bio signal based sentiment visualization in real time. In this research, using a smartphone, sentiments were classified as arousal, neutral, and relaxation on the basis of the measured pulse rate. An application to visualize these sentiments on map has also been implemented. The application works as follows. First, using a smart phone, pulse rate is measured. Then the bio-signal based sentiments are classified into three classes viz., arousal (pulse rate above 79 bpm), neutral (pulse rate between 61-79 bpm), and relaxation (pulse rate below 61 bpm). Next, the computed sentiment class and the user’s location data (latitude and longitude) measured using GPS were are stored in SQLite DB. Finally, these data values are marked on a map with Google map API. The results of this research indicate a person's spatial sentiment that can be used as a social indicator.


Location based Services (LBS), Smartphone, Heart Rate, Visualization, Map, Emotion, Bio-signal, PPG


Minhee Kim, SungTeac Hwang, Dong Keun Kim, & Mincheol Whang. (2014). Bio-signal based Emotion Visualization Map System using Smartphone. ACED 2014 Conference.